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Kitchen Conversions

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Handcrafted Cheese Board, Charcuterie Board, Wood Cutting Board, Great House Warming Gift

Beautiful charcuterie board made from Acacia wood with custom laser engraving to say "Kitchen Conversions" and have a lot of the basic measuring conversions. Perfect as a display for your home, a gift for that special someone or even your big cookout event. 

All handcrafted cutting boards are completely food safe and environmentally friendly. No stain is used. All wood is in its natural state of color.



Hand crafted from only the finest select domestic and exotic hardwoods locally and from around the world. We use only sustainable non-endangered hardwoods.


16"long, 8 3/4" tall, 5/8" thick

Care Instructions

Hand wash your board with light soap and warm water -wipe dry.
Never submerge or leave your board in standing water.
DO NOT put your board in the dishwasher.

Lemon, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect and remove odors.


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TJ's WoodWerx Cutting Boards are Unique.

As a disclaimer, we must emphasize the fact that no piece of wood is exactly the same. There may be slight variations in the color and grains of the wood.

Photos in this listing are a representation of the product and may not the actual board you will receive.