Welcome to TJ's WoodWerx

Our wood shop is located right in Erie, Pennsylvania. We use a clean, modern and rustic design to create a wide variety of furniture and home goods. Help us help you bring your design to life and with customizable pieces based on your space, style, and budget!

  • Charcuterie Boards

    CharcutERIE Boards

    Check out our charcutERIE boards for the best in unique or custom, handmade pieces. These will be perfect for your home decor, large party or even as a gift. 

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  • Cutting Boards

    Captivating design for Chefs and serious home cooks alike. Large, thick and stunning end, edge or face grain construction. Shop our line or get one custom made exactly how you want it.

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  • Unique Home Decor

    Unique Home Decor

    We are dedicated to creating quality handmade furniture and rustic home decor products to last for generations to come. Our products are not mass produced. Each piece is individually hand crafted.

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